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At JCC, we believe that Practical and Research is the best way to study and understand what is actually happening in the real world. We are therefore committed to ensure that our students have the practical knowledge in their department of study. We have companies and organisations in our database who assist us in practicals and research. "Practice makes perfect"

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Johannesburg City College bases its Educational Provisioning on Lifelong Learning and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is defined in the National standards Bodies Regulations (No 18787 of 28 March 1998, issued in the terms of the SAQA Act 58 of 1995) as follows: “Recognition of Prior Learning means the comparison of the Previous Learning and Experience of a Learner Howsoever Obtained against the Learning Outcomes Required for a Specified Qualification, and the Acceptance for purposes of qualification of that which meets the Requirements”.

Johannesburg City College acknowledges that RPL bridges the gap between Formal, Informal and Non- formal Learning.

Learning occurs in all kinds of situations-Formally, Informally and Non-formally, therefore highlighting that All Learning is Valuable.

On the basis of RPL, We of Johannesburg City College believe that All Learners Skills, Knowledge and Experience built up through Formal, Informal and Non-formal Learning is Worthy of Recognition and Crediting - both for Access and Redress purposes.

Johannesburg City College asserts that “the Education Policy matra of the new millennium is Lifelong Learning” (Field 2000:133), therefore Johannesburg City College Provider Certifications (Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees) will Address the Shortage of Skills and Knowledge.

Johannesburg City College agrees with the philosophy that “Societal Strategies for Economic Growth and wealth require a Learning Society and a Learning Nation, so that there is a constant adaptation to cope with and succeed in new conditions, technologies and information”- hence our adopting the Theory of Lifelong Learning.

Johannesburg City College believes that “an Education System does not exist to simply serve a market, important as that maybe for Economic Growth and Material Prosperity. Its primary purpose must be to Enrich the individual and by Extension the Broader Society” - hence Johannesburg City College Provider Certifications are also for Self-Enrichment and Self-Employment.

Johannesburg City College makes use of Workplace-Based Education and Training as RPL Expounds.

Johannesburg City College, Where Academics meets Workplace Experience (Experiential Learning) to address the crisis of Shortage of Skills and Knowledge the Country Faces.

Johannesburg City College agrees that Lifelong Learning is the route to follow in order to improve the Economy and the Life style of South African Citizens and all those who live in South Africa.

Finally, Johannesburg City College makes available Opportunities for Learning available to All – Poor, Rich, Unemployed, Employed, Semi-Skilled, Unskilled as well as Skilled

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Areas of study: More than 500


Duration: 3 - 4 years

Prices: Lowest in town

Areas of study: More than 600